November 14, 2012
Bring faith back to daily life, says Cardinal

While secularization of religion, with its “indifferentism” and “hedonism”, is spreading quickly in Asia, it has a positive meaning when leads the church to become “closer to the people,” according to an interview with Hong Kong Cardinal John Tong on

From this point of view, Cardinal Tong admitted that Protestant churches and some traditional Asian religions such as Confucianism are often way ahead of Catholicism, says

“Some [Protestant] pastors really know how to use our daily life to attract people, making biblical wisdom relevant to life. They spend a lot of time talking about the will of God in their homilies; we Catholics spend a lot of time on sacraments,” Tong is quoted as saying.

While in Hong Kong the situation of the Catholic Church remains overall positive – with over 3,500 adult baptisms in 2012 – the drop in priestly vocations is a cause of concern for the cardinal, according to the interview.

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